About Us

About Us


Nightown is Destin’s hottest nightclub for the 18 & up scene. Open from 9 pm to 4 am Wednesday through Saturday, Nightown has been the place to be on the Emerald Coast for 30 years. Join us for the ultimate party atmosphere – the only place in Destin to enjoy luxury VIP access areas with bottle service, a spacious dance floor, and 7 bars all surrounded by the cutest clientele in town. It’s a large club with a great video system and a stage. There are various dance floors and more than one bar. You can spend the night moving from one room to another making the evening interesting or you can keep the evening more private in one of their “rooms” that allow a small group or couple to separate from the crowd


Ultimate Atmosphere

We always cater to the ladies with top quality drinks, security and service. Reserve your VIP section and be treated the way you deserve to be treated. Meet Manor nightclub’s high end fun loving energetic people who always make the night. We require all our guests to have a good time and not worry about the hassles of everything else around..


Its Place To Be

Nightown Club is becoming a staple in Destin nightlife, especially in the hub of tourist areas in the Emerald Cost Area . Visitors, tourists and locals are attracted to this booming nightclub, and Nightown nightclub is a clubber’s paradise. Whatever your taste in musical entertainment and nightlife, Nightown club has it all, and boredom is simply out of the question..

Nightown Destin FL



Nightown is the only night club in town offering access to private luxury VIP rooms and areas complete with bottle service. Our first floor rooms offer privacy, comfortable seating and total VIP status on the first floor of the main room. The open areas on the second floor offer the same VIP status, but with the ability to see and be seen from the dance floor below.


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